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          Xuzhou Fangzheng Machinery Eu Ltd. is a professional Volvo technology service provider, authorized volvo penta engine service station and remanufacturing eng ne supplier. We provide original Volvo spare parts sales, integrated outsourcing service solutions, senior technicians training, and remanufacture the Volvo, Benz, Carter, Komatsu, Isuzu and other High-end imported engine


          The company s headquarter is located in Fangzheng machinery area, Econom ment Zone of Xuzhou City Jiangsu Province. The compay covers an area of 20 acres, has professional remanufacturing production line for import engine and a large modern ware-house logistics system, and a lot of professional staff with more than 90% of them in mid-leve technical title. We established a strategic cooperative relationship with China eng ineering machinery repair society and remanufacturing Industry experts. we also have established branches in Guangzhou, Xran Office(chips) and other institutions abroad, which lead the Company s upgrade and quick development.




          remanufacturing engine products with high quality, we are highly and widely pra sed by customers, and established long-term relationship with many large state owned construction units, professional repair factory, spare parts dealers terminal construction individual, which develop our business cover all provinces and regions. Now, Fangzheng machinery, has become spare parts purchasing center and professional equipment remanufacturing center of many machinery owners and construction mine enterprises with its professional technology advantage and information advantage and price advantage .


          In the good prospects for development and a development model of the system, we has been highly concerned by the higher authorities, We are admitted by Chinese Engineering Machin-ery Industry Association, elected by repair and remanufacturing Branch Co to be opted as executive director of the unit, named by china eng neering machinery industry as the techn-cal service experts units; named by Chinese eng neering machinery industry as the 1st class repair and remanufacturing unit, joined Chinese engine Association member; In 2012, we are proud y to be authorzed as the agent service and engine service station by volvo Group Penta Shanghai engine company .


          Looking to the future, Fangzheng machinery is focusing in the improvement and perfection of the service system, striving to create the industry with Fangzheng machinery equipment whole process service capability, high quality of remanufactured engine, the comprehensive strength of first-class well-known enterprises. To be open and aboveboard, to be honest and professional, Fangzheng Machinery is willing to sincerely cooperate with friends all over the word, creating a more brill ant future of China engineering machinery industry!




          Xuzhou Fangzheng Machinery Co.,Ltd.is a professional Volvo technology service provider for 15 years,we have developed a full range of cost-effective alternative accessories for Volvo to meet the needs of customers. Guangzhou beanch is the sales window connecting China and foreign countries.Behave honestly and act sincerely ,We make friends with all over the world and will create brilliant together!